Why Country Kids Do Better Than Kids From The City

Why Country Kids Do Better Than Kids From The City


Where we live has a huge impact on ourselves, and more importantly, our children. There are many different places that children can grow up and each one provides unique and one of a kind experiences. The major places that most children grow up in are the countryside and the city. Recent studies have actually found that children who grow up in the country are far better off than children who grow up in the city. Here are some of the main benefits to raising your children in the country.

1) Improved Motor Skills
While many people would have thought that all children develop motor skills around the same age, a recent study has shown that children who live in the country develop motor skills faster. The country provides more opportunities for children to engage in free play with their friends and family. The freedom to play in the country actually helps kids develop skills faster than others who live in the country.

Children who live in the country are often given access to more outdoor play than other kids. They are given more chances to ride bikes, play both organized and free play sports, and engage in work around the house and countryside.

2) Increased Immune Systems
This may not come as a surprise to everyone because the country typically has better air quality than the city. There are less pollution and cars in the country, which can have an impact on a child’s health and well being. When children are able to breathe fresher and cleaner air they naturally develop a better immune system. Their bodies learn to fight off diseases more quickly and they are able to recover from the common colds much more quickly than those from the city. Another possibility is that they are regularly around animals which helps boost their immune systems as well. They may also have fewer allergies since they develop better immune systems earlier.

3) Better Work Ethic
Many experts and recent studies show that children who grow up in the countryside have a better work ethic than those who grow up in the city. Oftentimes those who grow up in the countryside have more responsibility and chores around the property. These early life lessons help them develop a better work ethic early that can benefit them throughout their lives.

4) Reduces Symptoms of ADHD
This recent study conducted in Finland also showed that children who grow up in the countryside have few symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The exact reasons why this happens are not fully known but it is one of the main benefits of living in the country as opposed to the city.

There are many benefits that children growing up in the country have. While many children can’t help where they grow up and learn, parents may need to expose their children to these different environments. The more experiences that a child has growing up the better off they will be in both the short and long term. 

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