Interesting Cowboy Facts for Children

Interesting Cowboy Facts for Children


If you are a fun of tales and interesting facts, you must have noted that cowboys are special characters that play a critical role in the society. Since the 1860s, these special characters are regarded as one of the best mythological eras. Besides, cowboys are also seen as a staple of the Wild West.

Regardless, where is the Wild West? Typically, it can be defined by both time and place. Historically, it is a period in the 19th or 20th century. Geographically, it was a part of the United States of America that stretched far to the west of the River Mississippi. Even so, what is so special about the cowboys? Read on as this article seeks to provide you and your kids with an insight into some interesting facts about cowboys and the Western lifestyle of long ago. Below are some exciting and intriguing cowboy facts for children:

Cowboy clothes and lifestyle
Cowboy clothes were specially designed to provide enough warmth. As a result, they were made from sturdy material to enable them to withstand the tough and rough treatment of the harsh weather conditions. What’s more, they were made to be quite comfortable as a cowboy would wear them for weeks without changing them.

Denim jeans are regarded as the typical western outfit for an ideal cowboy. Besides, they had “chaps” or leather covers to protect their legs during rough work. They also wore a cowboy hat to protect them from the sun as well as a cowboy boot with a high top to protect the lower parts of their feet.

Cowboys lived in a bunkhouse
Cowboys on a ranch lived with a bunch of other cowboys in a house known as a “bunkhouse.” Sometimes if they were rustling cows from one place to another, they might have to camp outside. They would make a fire and eat a chuck wagon meal.

Cowboys often sang songs at night for entertainment
The “Texas Lullaby” and “Sweet by and by” are some of the most common types of cowboy songs that are up-to-date, a favorite recipe for the classics lovers. They often sang these songs either for entertainment or to soothe their cattle when they get wild.

Cowboys had different and funny names
A new cowboy to the Old West was regarded as a pilgrim, greenhorn, or tenderfoot. Other cowboy names include cowhands, cowpokes, buckaroos, or cowpunchers. Typically, a real cowboy with a bandana, suspender, a pistol, leather chaps, ammunition belt, and a holster, was identified as “Tex Biddick,” “Neal Hart” or “Chas Mayo.”

The Western saloon
Whenever cowboys and cowgirls landed back in town after a long day at work, they visited a local saloon to pass the time drinking whiskey or beer. They left the bar late in the night after having their fill.

In Conclusion
The first thing to learning and understanding cowboys is to gather information about cowboy facts. Ensure you put these points into consideration, and there is no doubt your success as a cowboy will be inevitable


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