Important Safety Items To Bring On The Trail

Important Safety Items To Bring On The Trail


With horseback riding on the trail, there are a ton of things to think about. First are the trail-horse breeds and the location for your trail-riding. Improving your horse-camping skills is important to new or veteran trail riders. For new riders, there is horseback trail riding training offered. No matter your experience level, many safety items would help while out on the trail. This article will explain some key items to keep with you.

First Aid Kit Items
Having a designated first-aid saddlebag for the rider and the horse is a must. The bag should fit over the saddle horn. It can also attach to the front D-Ring to keep your horse balanced. Other than the normal items in a first aid kit, there are extras to bring while horseback riding. Benadryl is good to have on hand if an allergic reaction from bees or other allergies. Ask a vet the recommended dose for a horse. Saline is good to have in case you or the horse has something in your eye. For cuts or infections, Neosporin is good to cover the wound and betadine is good to flush it out. Four-inch gauze squares are good to cover human cuts but allow air still. Diapers can keep wounds clean for a human and horses and tongue depressors can apply various ointments and salves.

Horse Safety Items
Trail-riding will require safety items for horses and humans. Just like you will have items for you, horses will need items for just them. A veterinary wrap can help keep a horse stable or keep the ointment to their skin. Hoof boots are always good to have. They can keep a bandaged hoof clean and protect the hoof when walking. You don’t have the horse use them on trail rides, keep pairs with you for when there is an injury or a shoe is thrown. Speaking of a horse’s hoof, a hoof pick should always be on you. This can help a horse who has a rock in his hoof or even open a can of something if you forgot a can-opener. Another item to bring is a digital thermometer. This can check an overheating rider or a sick horse. Make sure the horse and rider have their own and they are labeled.

Other Safety Items
Other than the trail-riding items and first aid items, there are the normal safety items you should bring when outside. The first is water. Water helps both you and your horse stay hydrated and can help flush out wounds. If you need to reapply sunscreen on the trail, bringing extra is a good idea. A natural insect repellent would be good to bring on the trail. An emergency blanket can keep a rider warm when the air gets cool and a flashlight will allow you to see at night. Using baling twine in place of a missing rope or rein, and duct tape is good to have in a multitude of situations. One of the most important items to bring on the trail is a multipurpose tool. These tools have things like pliers, knives and files. They can cut twine, leather or small sticks. They can pull splinters and even a hoof pick in an emergency. 

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