Best Trail Riding Books To Read Now

Best Trail Riding Books To Read Now


Trail riding is a relaxing and fun way to see the scenery around you and spend time with other riders. Equestrian sports have been popular for many centuries and trail riding remains an international hobby for many. Newer riders may find the rules and etiquette to be confusing. Trail riding books are a perfect way to become informed, so novice riders will want to pick some up at the local bookstore or online. Here is a list of some of the best trail riding books. Each one can help different riders depending on where they are in their journey of horse riding.

1. “Trail Riding: A Complete Guide”
Published August 1, 2005, this complete guide will train you in all the basics so you can experience a major facet of the equestrian world. Riding trails is an excellent way to be in nature and just forget about the outside world. New riders may be nervous about controlling such a large animal, but the guide was designed with newcomers in mind. It provides pointers on how to pick a horse that will suit your style. Do you enjoy a fast and energetic ride? Is your style of riding more laid back and relaxed? Learn more about the different breeds and which one will fit your personality more.

This guide will also aid you in discovering what kind of equipment you will need. Just as there is different equipment between English riders and Western riders, riding trails requires different sets of equipment depending on the terrain and if there will be a river crossing on the trail. Long trails will take a lot of conditioning and this book will go into that as well. Make sure your horse and your own body are ready for the rigors of the trail. Trail riding can be harder than you expect, so this book is set to get you into shape so that your riding is safe. Check it out today and see if this guide is right for you.

2. “Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail”
Written by Rhonda Massingham Hart, this book does a great job of helping you find the right horse for your first trail riding adventure. Furthermore, this guide goes into how to go over difficult terrain which can be dangerous for inexperienced riders. Do you know how to handle your horse if it encounters a wild animal or starts to panic? Get informed with this book which will teach you how to react when the unexpected occurs on the trail. A great book to help any rider get started with trails.

3. ”Horse Trail Riding Safety and Etiquette”
Written by Kim Baker, this book has a lot to share. Kim Baker has over a decade of experience riding trails with horses. If you are a rider that enjoys cross-training, this book will work well for you. Learn the proper way to ride in the arena as well as the wild outdoors. This guide will help you understand the safe way to traverse obstacles such as fallen trees and pits in the ground. The book will also teach you how to look for the signs that your horse may need water and rest on the trail after a long push. An excellent read.

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