Top Leg Wraps To Protect Your Horse And Help Them Heal

Top Leg Wraps To Protect Your Horse And Help Them Heal


TuffRider Mesh Wraps
These leg wraps are excellent for a variety of reasons, the first of which is the price. All riders want to give their horse the best leg wraps they can, but of course it’s beneficial if they don’t break the bank. TuffRider’s Mesh legs wraps come in at $19.95 and offer many of the same features of more expensive brands, including protection from painful horse fly bites and leg support. They are constructed of a durable nylon-mesh material that can take a beating before showing any kinds of wear and tear, and are easily washed. The nylon-mesh also ensures excellent breath-ability, making sure that your horse does not become uncomfortable while wearing these.

ERS Original Fly Wraps
These leg wraps are slightly more expensive than the last, but are of a quality that, to some, may justify the price. The ERS Original Fly Wraps can be purchased for around $45 online, and are some of the most well-reviewed leg wraps on the market. They are intended to provide your horse with maximum protection from insect bites in order to reduce both stamping and stomping, making for an easy ride. They come standard with elastic straps that can be adjusted to fit different widths, and the elastic does a great job of making sure that these wraps do not move around. They also come with an adjustable mesh strap that can manipulate the airflow onto your horse’s legs. This gives the rider maximum control over how their horse feels with these leg wraps on.

Saxon Fly Leg Wraps
These wraps boast a light, durable build to ensure your horse’s comfort while also being incredibly long lasting. The main body of these leg wraps are built from a nylon-mesh material, similar to the TuffRider Mesh Wraps, but there’s a twist: they are lined with fleece to protect your horse from not only flies but uncomfortable rubbing as well. This makes them a very attractive option for riders whose horses may experience discomfort while wearing other types of leg wraps. In addition to the fleece, the Saxon Fly Leg Wraps use touch-tape closures that can be adjusted for size. They advertise that one size fits all, meaning riders do not have to worry about getting leg wraps too big or too small for their horses. These can be purchased for around $35, offering an excellent middle-of-the-road choice for those looking to get something sturdy but not too expensive.

Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Leg Wraps
These leg wraps are absolutely top of the line. They come with a hefty price tag of $55, but are of a unique construction that makes them durable, breathable, and comfortable on your horse’s legs. They come with adjustable straps that are advertised to fit horses of all sizes, and are made of a vinyl-coated polyester mesh that is specifically formulated to not pick up burs. These leg wraps are an ideal option for riders who can afford to pamper their horse with nothing but the absolute best. 

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