Essential Horse Training Equipment List

Essential Horse Training Equipment List


Whether your daughter is new to riding or you yourself are finally ready for lessons, make sure you have your bases covered with these horse training items to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Like any hobby there are numerous options, but these are the essentials to get you out of the stall. So if you’re ready to ride, here is a beginner’s checklist for the essential gear and equipment you need for horse training. 

Training Equipment For the Rider

Helmet – With horse training, safety must be first! It is best to have your brain protected while riding a one ton animal, no matter how well you know your horse. Helmets can be found on any budget, ranging from around $50-$250. The main difference between the high-end and lower-end helmets are ventilation, grip, and style.

Riding pants – A good pair of riding pants will make the ride more comfortable for both you and your horse. These pants tend to be smooth and are seamless on the inside leg. They are usually designed with a textured or padded fabric for extra grip.

Boots – Leather boots with a heel are ideal for horse training. The heel helps the rider stay secure in the stirrup while the leather will keep out the inevitable muck and protect again potential brush scrapes.

Gloves – Gloves will greatly help when it comes to holding the reins. Gripping leather reins takes some getting used to and a pair of riding gloves will absorb any sweat. Similar to the design of riding pants, riding gloves are seamless and have sticky finger and palm material for a better grip.

Training Equipment For the Horse

Girth – The girth, also called the cinch, holds the saddle to the horse. It is a must for horse training to have a girth that is specific to the size of your horse. This will provide for better comfort for both you and your horse as well as ensure your saddle will stay snug throughout your ride.

Bit – A bit helps aid in controlling your horse during the ride. The bit needs to be tailored to the horse you are training. A horse’s temperament, experience, as well as the skill of the rider all are variables when picking out a bit. A bit too big or small can lead to a irritable or uncontrollable horse, the key is finding the sweet spot for your horse.

Bridle and Reins – Your horse’s headgear helps with the control over your horse. The bridle and reins are the main communication tools between the rider and horse. It is a good idea to have a bridle that in comfortable and snug for your horse. Make sure the reins to be long enough to touch the ground when the horse lowers its head to the ground while mounted.

Make sure to have these items checked off your list before horse training and you will be on your way to enjoying your first ride!

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