Interior Design Ideas For A Western Home

Interior Design Ideas For A Western Home


No matter if you are already a western interior design expert or you’re just now starting to love this unique design, this article is for you!


An all-natural cowhide rug, whether untrimmed or naturally formed, or skillfully assembled in squares or various other patterns is a sure fire way to start decorating your western home. Instead of a rug you can also use other alternatives like cowhide cushions, furniture, and footrests. Don’t over clutter an area with cowhide by limiting its use to one big piece, or a number of smaller sized matched items. 

Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim traditionally offered an extremely practical function: safeguarding material to the furniture. The strategy is believed to have actually come from medieval France when elaborate wood chairs became prominent. Today, several western developers make use of nailhead trim to accomplish an extra completed, traditional, yet still tough appearance. Nailhead accents prevail on chairs, couches, footrests, head boards, as well as also tables. Wanting to include a touch of course to your home bar, cooking area, or dining-room? Think about including nailhead trim to barstools and chairs.

Wild Animals and Horse Art

Including wild animals or horse art to your residence is a lovely way to bring the West in without needing to replace all of your existing home furnishings. A huge selection of art is available throughout the West in galleries, at art auctions and displays in stores. Designs vary from remarkable realistic looks to playful interpretations and every thing in between.

Antlers and Horns

Horns and antlers shed by deer, elk and moose have actually been accumulated for centuries for a myriad of uses, while antlers have traditionally been used as a way for hunters to display their trophies. Today’s contemporary shops, boutiques and online websites include everything from light fixtures to mirrors to drape owners crafted from genuine antler sheds. To bring this classic into your house, start small with horn candle holders as a basic way to spruce up a coffee or table. Antler silverware is another nice way to add a bit of the western touch.  

Navajo Rugs & Textiles:

Native-Americans have been weaving rugs and other fabrics with their trademark patterns for centuries and they still look great. Adding one of these rugs can help bring together a western themed home. A classic Navajo carpet can be a significant financial investment, they are better hung on the wall rather than used as a rug on the floor. 

Iron and Metalwork

A tribute to the blacksmiths of days gone by, today’s ironworks continue to be a durable method to secure a space’s layout, include a firebox or fire pit, sustain a table, or for a light fixture, all while adding a long lasting craftsmen component to your room. Unlike the usually hefty handed items of the past, modern-day metalsmiths generate what can just be called art, created of both base metals and also widespread creative thinking, with the layouts as limitless as the ideas of the craftsmen themselves.

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