Five Ways To Decorate With Cowhide Rugs

Five Ways To Decorate With Cowhide Rugs


Decorating your living room is a lot of fun and it can really showcase your own personality and show your style. One way to really put a unique design touch in your living room and add a spark of ingenuity and a little bit of creativity is by adding cowhide rugs to your living room. Cowhide rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors and patterns. Not only are they a great accent for the floor in your living room, but they can be used in several different ways. They are not only cute accent pieces but practical for any living room as well and they blend in seamlessly or can stand out as a bold accent to a room. Below are five different ways you can decorate your living room with cowhide rugs!

Use it in a light interior space
One very popular way to use cowhide rugs in your interior decor is to use it on bare, whitewashed walls with light, neutral touches throughout the rest of the room. The goal of this style so as to make the space feel open, light, and timeless with the rug injecting an accent color that attracts the eye.

Enhances other patterns
I know it sounds really crazy to put an entire cowhide rug up next to a patterns in the house that are intricate, it seems as though there would be just too much going on in one space. However, the rug actually works as a neutral and can tone down busy patterns so the eye can rest as you look around the room.

Helps hardwood floors pop
More and more people are putting hardwood floors in their houses. Using cowhide rugs on the floor can help make it look more sleek and modern. Black and brown cowhide rugs are the most popular choice though different shades of red, pine, cherry, and maple are also popular choices.

Can make your area seem cozier
Hardwood floor is not the only flooring type that cowhide rugs look nice on. It also looks nice on the carpet. When you put one on top of carpet, it can make the space look even softer and makes it extra luxurious, providing your feet an extra soft place to rest and makes the entire room feel just a little cozier, It is a great way option that will blend into just about any color scheme and creates a very relaxing place for your family to enjoy.

Gives your fireplace a little extra spark
Most people with a fireplace want to make that the focal point of the room. One way to really draw the eye to the area and amp up its appeal is by putting the rug right in front of it. Cozy cowhide rugs encourage more lounging and relaxing. As many people walk by the fireplace all day long, a cowhide rug can help save the flooring from showing wear and tear over time. 

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