Cowboy Up With These Western Style Decor Accents

Cowboy Up With These Western Style Decor Accents


Home design does not have to be strictly better homes and gardens. We all travel places and see decorative accents that inspire us. Our home should be a place that is peaceful and reminds of us our favorite memories. A trip to the country or the western portion of the US might inspire us to add a bit of Western flare to our homes. Achieving this is fun and easy.

Cowboy or Cowgirl Up Your Bathroom!
Bathrooms are some of the easiest rooms to accentuate. A few decorative pieces to a neutral space will instantly transform it to a specific design. If you have ever changing tastes or like to move things around often then it is best to always stick with neutral color selections. Beige and earth tones go well with nearly every decorative design. A basic neutral colored bathroom can be accentuated with spurs, tin signs, Western wall art, cowboy boots, Western style decor or antique tools. A tin sign that says “cowboys and cowgirls” can be displayed on the door. This will mimic a unisex bathroom sign. Re-purpose cowboy boots and use them as a planter if they are tall or a Kleenex box holder if they are short. The walls inside the bathroom can have some colorful spurs attached with some hooks and nails and more tin signs with western scenes or quotes can be added.

Country Your Common Spaces
Rustic finishes such as wagon wheels or western paintings depicting farm and rural scenes can be hung on family room walls. These accents can easily be moved from family room to dining room depending upon your need to switch things up. These timeless pieces also accentuate farmhouse style and southwestern designs. By adding some Aztec art you now have a more New Mexico or Western Texas flare to your space.

Add Some Textiles
Textiles are also a great way to add some decorative flare to your home. Plaid prints and bold bright colors are indicative of the southwest. These patterns can be utilized via throw blankets, throw pillows, table runners, place mats or curtains. Adding some of these textiles with timeless pieces such as wagon wheels, tin signs, spurs and wagon wheels will complete the overall Western country feeling you are trying to achieve in your home.

A lot of these decorative touches can be acquired along your travels. There are also décor themed online stores as well as some big box décor stores that have themed sections. Remember to not overwhelm your space. You can add these accents without making your home feel like a cheesy tourist location. Going overboard can make the space feel cluttered. By keeping it spaced out and neutral with accent pieces you will achieve the Western style you want in moderation. You can also have large prints created on canvas from travels out West. These pieces of art will make great focal pieces in your design plan while displaying your proud memories. 

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