Where To Find The Best Western Bling Belts For Women

Where To Find The Best Western Bling Belts For Women


Bling belts are the hidden gems of the country girls outfit trappings. Originally women’s belts were used only for functionality; however, bling belts are now the enchantments of what would usually be considered a drab ensemble. The women’s belts now fasten loose garments toward the feminine waistline to accentuate the natural curves. Now you add a little bling and suddenly this blah accessory is multitasking as the eye catcher and figure former. The question is then where exactly does one get a women’s bling belt?

Many women have been seen to gravitate toward Isabel Marant bling belts. This designer originated from France and she provides a multitude of women’s belts. The most classic of bling belts by Isabel Marant is the Lowli belt. The bling belt known as Lowli has a western design seen in the shape of the buckle while the black leather is adorned with sterling studs.

If looking for a women’s belt that provides more of a vintage aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with J-Crew’s classic Leather Belt with Crystal Studs. This leather bling belt gets its sparkle from small glass crystals that are enclosed with brass detailing. The exciting news about purchasing women’s belts from J-Crew, is that they offer a personal touch to their products. For only $10 any customer can add their personal monogram to their bling belt.

For the women looking for an exuberant amount of bling to accentuate their curves, you simply have to look for the B-Low Belt. Found on shopbop.com, the entire women’s belt is made of shimmery rhinestones. If the goal was to turn heads, then just add this belt to your closet. Its unique design makes it a versatile addition to your closet, because it can be paired with anything from jeans, dresses, and even sweaters.

Versace gives acknowledgment to western style by creating the Medusa Western Belt. This women’s belts come as black leather adorned with blingy gold charms and buckle. The attention to detail gives homage to cowboy heritage while also having an eye-catching bling.

If your inner cowgirl still craves more of a wild west aesthetic, then the ASOS Design Leather Double Buckle Western Waist and Hip Belt may be made just for you. ASOS women’s belts has adjustable leather that can be worn at the waist or hip. The double buckle aesthetic is sterling silver designs with engraved western charms. The symmetry of this bling belt will surely help balance out any outfit you own.

To add some edge and danger to your outfit just go for the Gucci Textured Buckle Genuine Python and Leather Belt. The sophistication provided by the Gucci buckle along with the distinct python embellishments is an unquestionable addition of bling belt to your closet.

Help polish up your western style closet with the addition of one or more of the belts mentioned. Women’s belts are timeless additions and would be a great investment if you have a budget available for them. And remember, put your “belt” foot forward!

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