Six Must Have Items For A Western Wardrobe

Six Must Have Items For A Western Wardrobe


Getting the right Western look is easier than one may think. It simply involves getting together to six essentials that make up these types of wardrobes. Every Westerner has some essentials that seem to be common among their styles of dress.

1. Boot Fashion
It should almost go without saying, but all westerners are big fans of boot fashion. The cowboy boots are essential for creating a Western wardrobe. This footwear comes in a lot of different styles. People that are planning to create something of a cowboy look cannot complete the look without a pair of sturdy boots. Fortunately, these boots come in a number of styles and colors.

2. Jean Shopping
Another thing essential that plays a big part in Western wardrobe is jeans. People that go rodeos or participate in any type of Western-themed activity can almost rest assured that they already have a piece of a western wardrobe in their closets. Some people may want to go jean shopping for something that has more of a western field, but most people already have this garment that makes up a part of a western outfit.

3. Hats For The Rodeo
The jeans may be part of a regular daily outfit for some people. It is typically the accessories that make the outfit become a Western wardrobe. Hats, along with garments and footwear, are going to make a western look come alive. It doesn’t have to be the type of ten gallon hats that a lot of Texans wear, but this can provide a mental image of the type of cowboy gear that accentuates a Western look.

4. Eye Catching Accessory
Every great outfit is going to have an accessory that stands out. People that are dressing for a Western affair are aware that this accessory is the belt. The buckles for so many Western accessories make the outfit. It is the centerpiece of Western fashion. There are some that have flashy rhinestones. Others may have bullhorns and other interesting objects that attract attention.


A belt is going to stand out and even become conversation pieces. These types of belts tend to attract a lot of attention because people are looking at something that is typically shiny and eye catching. It is not part of everyday wear.

5. Jackets
The cowboy jackets are also very popular as well. This is something that tends to accentuate an outfit. It goes very well with the other Western garments. A lot of people that are trying to get an authentic Western look will add rhinestones and give their jackets more of cowboy persona.

6. Shirt
The final item that completes the look is the shirt style. There are Western shirts in denim, plaid and flannel designs. There are also frontier Western and cattleman style western shirt designs. The variety and types you can buy are abundant.

With these essential Western wardrobe items will have you looking great no matter where you are out and about.

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