Apparel Fashion Trends To Wear At A Horse Show

Apparel Fashion Trends To Wear At A Horse Show


Dressing up for a horse show can be as much fun as the show itself. For some, even more so! But what is appropriate attire for a horse show? Let’s jump right into what is and isn’t acceptable.

Overall you are going to want to have a classic appearance, leaning more towards proper than a night on the town. You would never want to wear a revealing or low cut top to a horse show. You should steer clear of bright colors, neons, and you should never wear cut off shorts or tank-tops. That doesn’t mean we need to dust off our tuxedos and formal gowns, either. You can still have a relaxed and comfortable vibe while maintaining a respectable level of appearance that every horse show expects.

Collard shirts are excellent for a horse show. Since almost everyone has at least one collard shirt in their closet, we are already off to a good start! Pants or pressed shorts are also ideal. Dresses with flower print or something elegantly playful would be an excellent option. Sneakers or comfortable flats would be the preferred footwear for a day at the horse show. Try to avoid shoes with open-toes or heels of any kind. Remember, not only will you be walking over different types of grass, dirt, and cement throughout your day, you will also be around reasonably large animals. Animals tend to leave behind surprises. Surprises are messes that you may step in. In that event, you will be gad your toes and feet were not exposed.

Something you would most certainly want to consider before attending the horse show would be the weather. It will likely be very sunny, and you will be fully exposed to that brightness and heat for hours. A quality pair of sunglasses and a proper fitting hat may be essential add-ons to your attire. Try to avoid wearing ill-fitting hats and glasses so as not to have them fall off and scare the horses. Keep in mind dressing up can be fun, but it’s a horse show, not a people show.

In the event of inclement weather such as rain or high wind, you will want to be considerate of the animals and the riders as well as other spectators when deciding what to bring. Umbrellas are man kind’s go-to defense against the rain but can be obstructive or perhaps even dangerous to the horses. Often it’s best to air on the side of caution and stick to a dark-colored raincoat instead. Here again, keeping in mind that bright colors can be very distracting to the horses.

Wearing equestrian accessories is an enjoyable way to spice up your ensemble at the horse show. Lapel pin of a horse and rider or some earrings with horses are all unique and fun ways to show support without sacrificing fashion integrity. Remember to have fun and enjoy the show, but most of all, remember that other humans aren’t the only ones seeing you. The less the horses notice you in the stands or on the rails, the better! Keep it classy and neutral colored and have a great time at the horse show.


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